CCTV store


Our in-house eCommerce project. We’re selling easy to use WiFi CCTV cameras to for hom and small business Choosing CCTV cameras can be confusing for most people as it requires some knowledge in networking and IT. That’s why we focused on creating landing pages for various use cases (home & small retail security, elderly care camera, pet camera, video babyphone) which allow our clients to choose from a couple of pre-selected model options that are best suited for this application.

We initially launched it on the Bulgarian market under the brand name “Виждам Те” – meaning “I see you”, followed by a Greek (Σε βλέπω) and Romanian (Te Urmaresc) versions.

Its a custom based solution, built on Laravel framework, with a rich CMS allowing for:

  • Custom discounts, pricing and shipping options
  • Full fledged invoicing
  • Order status & delivery tracking updates via Email and SMS
  • Automated feedback collection via Email and SMS
  • Inventory management features
    Landing page for a video baby monitor
    Landing page for pet lovers
    Landing page for small retail owners
    Elderly care landing page
    CCTV kits configurator

    Warrant card, autogenerated by the CMS