News satire outlet


No!News (Не!Новините) is a Bulgarian news satire website (similar to The Onion). The website’s owner and main author needed:

  • a complete redesign of the website (originally made in 2005) with a focus on the content readability, load speed and maximized reader retention
  • better content creation and management tools
  • better ad publishing management

We created a custom solution, based on Laravel framework which features:

  • New clear design with improved mobile (responsive) layouts
  • Better content structure and website navigation
  • Faster loading times
  • SEO & Social sharing improvements
  • Infinity scroll based layouts that allow the user to keep reading by just scrolling down
  • Engaging quizzes on each news story
  • Customizable design for specific categories or pages
  • Improved CMS with news outlet specific features like post scheduling
  • Revive Ad Server for more efficient ad publishing
Homepage with all news categories



Customized category page


Creating and editing a news story in the CMS